Appian Strategic Advisors
Corporate Overview

Appian Strategic Advisors is committed to providing advanced planning and problem-solving services, in support of clients focused on the deployment of leading edge systems, services, and products in a range of technical areas, including:

  • Performance Measurement & Management
  • Application of New Technologies
  • Innovative Data Collection Planning, Implementation & Analysis
  • Advanced Traveler Information Planning & Management (including smartphone apps)
  • Revenue Generation, Partnership Development, & System Commercialization

Our primary ambition is to empower clients to propel themselves far beyond what they have achieved in the past, through the effective use of advanced technologies and the employment of performance-based management techniques. Doing so enables us to facilitate the realization of transformative change.

In pursuing this objective, we employ a multi-phase management approach - we participate in program planning, implementation, and ongoing evaluation. This enables us to provide expert advice from initial conceptual stages, through evaluation and re-orientation in order to ensure that stated goals are achieved, as well as determine whether an adjustment of those initial goals is warranted. Our work is designed to be dynamic in nature, adjustable as either conditions and/or a client’s needs dictate.

As part of each assignment, we seek to develop a close relationship with client staff in order to better understand their needs, resulting in the delivery of highly tailored analysis and recommendations.

Contact us to find out how we have helped clients in the past and how we can work with you to best meet your goals.

Appian Strategic Advisors - empowering you to go beyond past achievements. 

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